Set and Meet Objectives


You prioritise what you measure. If you constantly preach quality while constantly measuring quantity, quality won’t improve. With my strategic advisors’ hat on, when I meet your management team, one of the first questions I’ll ask is simply “What is it you’re looking to improve?” From there, I’ll help your team develop specific, measurable metrics that support your objective. Then I’ll help you develop and implement plans to improve your performance.

Deliver training


You can hire a consultant to share knowledge about almost anything. Consultants are born trainers, so they're a natural choice to do a training course or day-long presentation for your company in almost any area. We blend theory and practice, and this can deliver high value to your company.

Be Proactive


Many of the things we do in business are reactive. A customer has a complaint, we try to make things right. A competitor makes a move, we make a counter-move. It’s all very reasonable, but true success doesn’t come from being reactive. When you’re reacting to someone else’s actions, you’re playing on their turf and according to their rules. That’s no way to win. You win by playing on your turf and by your rules. That means doing your utmost to be proactive.

Boost cash flow and profitability 


We help you find and improve upon the areas of monetary waste that are preventing your business from growing and making more money.

Working with GMS

Working with GMS, owners and managers of companies acquire the knowledge and tools to optimally run their businesses, thus achieving desired growth and success.  Working side-by-side, we can help you accomplish any or all of the following:

Focus on the Right Things


That makes focusing on your customers your first priority. As a strategic advisor that’s how you start a business. It’s how you grow a business. It’s how you pull a business out of a rut. It’s how you take it to the next level. Figure out who your customers are—and who they aren’t—and solve their problems (what they want).   

Increase revenue while improving your sales process


For a business to survive it must sell a product or service. It must ensure the revenue collected is larger than expenditure. We guide you through implementing sales and marketing strategies that will generate more business and keep your projects pipeline consistently full, thus profitability.

Improve product/service quality while strengthening customer relations 


We advise you on how to enhance your business offerings to ensure your customers are satisfied and will refer you to others and hire you again.

Make Good Decisions


The decisions you make is what gets your business moving. If you consistently make good decisions in support of the same goals, your business will not only move in the right direction, it will gain strength and momentum. When it really gets going, it will be incredibly hard to knock it off track. 

Develop new systems and streamline operations 


We work with you to locate and eliminate inefficiencies in your business operations that are slowing progress.

Infuse creativity


Consultants have a fresh perspective on your business, so having an outsider come in and offer ideas can be tremendously helpful. Sometimes your in-house people are too close to your company and don't have the perspective to examine the bigger picture within your market, but consultants can share valuable insights that boost your internal creative thinking.

Enhance company morale and employee productivity 


We give you the tools for developing happy employees and motivating them to deliver quality results.