Read through this list of challenges and write down your TOP FIVE as you experience them today.

  • Business owners and managers lack the skills to grow the business

  • Profits are inadequate to grow the company.

  • Company culture is generally resistant to change

  • The marketplace and customers change too quickly

  • Difficulty forecasting problem areas before they surface

  • Difficulty diagnosing the real problems or obstacles to growth

  • Too slow getting new products/services to market

  • Not able to quickly get systems and procedures in place as the company is growing

  • Weak product/service development & differentiation in the market

  • Challenge expanding sales

  • Need for an improved business/profit design

  • Customers are migrating away from your product/services

  • Continual cash flow challenges

  • Employee turnover

  • Hiring quality staff

  • Staff morale 

  • Need to have better staff buy-in

  • Project management & resource coordination challenges

  • Leadership/staff communication gap

  • Staff training

  • Unclear values throughout the organization

  • Dealing with the cost of lost expertise or knowledge when employees leave

  • Chaotic periods destabilize the company


If you got to write down 5, then your business is in trouble. Contact GMS now.