Available Packages


I will work with your organization to provide excellent services at a reasonable cost. Depending upon the scope of work and your needs, fees are usually structured in one of the following four ways:


This is available for short-term or long-term work. Invoices will be sent every two weeks for large projects and once per month for small projects, with payment due when the invoice is presented


This is also available for short-term or long-term work. The specific fee is determined by the scope of work and the length of the project. Usually, one-half the fee is payable upon signing the contract and the balance is due within 15 days of completion of the work.


This is best-suited for on-going work, although no minimum time period is required. A range of hours per month is agreed to, and the fee is paid on a monthly basis. Flexibility and cost savings are the primary benefits of such an arrangement.


Pay for Access

At the start of the agreement, I will visit the business (if it is a new client) and spend a morning getting to know the business. The client can then call or send a mail at any time to seek advice on any subject related to their business. This involves the client paying a monthly retainer for a minimum 6 months.

Monthly Retainers


  1. Non-executive board member.


I will ask questions that others are afraid to ask as well as assisting the board with;

  • providing entrepreneurial leadership;

  • assist in developing and implementing strategies;

  • ensuring the human and financial resources are available to achieve objectives;

  • reviewing business and management performance;

  • scrutiny of management’s performance in meeting agreed on goals and objectives and the monitoring of performance reports;

  • Assist with analysing sales and financial information and that controls and risk management systems are robust and secure;


  2. Sales and Marketing Specialist


Sales and marketing are one of the most important pillars in a business, but often one of the most neglected. I work with companies on;

  • Designing Sales and Marketing plans

  • Implementing sales and marketing plans

  • Analysing sales reports regarding sales staff, customer and product performance.

  • Improving skills


  3. Financial Analyst


Many companies have accounting staff that only work as book-keepers that do no financial control or reporting. I will assist companies with;

  • Cash control and security

  • Cash flow management

  • Management reports

  • Expense control

  • Profitability analysis.


   4. Business performance reporting


‘Numbers are the language of business’. Often companies do not have proper reports to manage the business properly. Without proper reports and analysis, a company is doing business with a blindfold on. I will help with;

  • Designing the required reports – Financial, sales, stock etc.

  • Analysing the reports and giving written reports on what the data is showing.


   5. Staff and process efficiency


Staff often work without proper processes which result in inefficiencies and delays. I will help as follows;

  • Work with management to ensure staff engagement and communication is effective for good staff morale.

  • Work with staff to overcome obstacles and put processes in place to ensure efficiency

  • Ensure staff have job descriptions and the skills to carry out their job functions.

  • Ensure processes are effective and efficient and documented.


   6. Project Assessment and Management


The success or failure of a project is primarily determined by its management. Many companies do not have the manpower or experience to manage a project successfully. I can help;


  • To be part of the project management team.

  • Assessing the need for the project.

  • Assessing the costs and effectiveness of the project.

  • To be part of all organizational processes associated with the project design.

  • Assist with financial and human resource budgeting and control.

  • To assist with the implementation and adaptation of the best practices to each project.

  • To facilitate organization continuous improvement.