What we can do for you

GMR has designed a portfolio of service offerings that are intended to go to the root of the issues

Existing Business


  • We find solutions to your problems

  • Put plans in place to ensure solutions are implemented

  • Get the ball rolling on change

  • Provide objectivity

  • Teach and train employees

  • Improve sales and customer focus

  • Revive an organization

  • Risk management

  • Influence other people, like your bankers

Strategic Plans and Strategic Planning 

The Strategic Planning process is a step-by-step roadmap for answering the questions at the heart of the matter. The key questions:

  • Where are we now?

  • How did we get here?

  • Where would we like to be?

  • How do we get there?

  • Product (what are we selling? What should we be selling?). How can you beat or avoid the competition

  • Process (how are we selling it?)

  • Customer (to whom are we selling it?)

  • Distribution (how does it reach them?)

  • Finance (what are the prices, costs and investments?)

  • Administration (and how do we manage all this?



  • Sales management

  • Sales reporting – sales reps, products, customers

  • Sales plans

  • Staff selling skills

  • Customer management



  • Product mix for market

  • Quality for market

  • Sales by product

  • Packaging

  • Demand

  • Stock ordering and levels



  • Cash control – fraud, security

  • Cash flow management and projections

  • Management reports – budgets, expenses, cost of sales, stock value

  • Expense control – how to measure and control

  • Debtor and creditors systems and efficiency

  • Profitability analysis​

Marketing Planning


A Marketing Plan is essential to a company's growth and success.


The ability to define profitable market niches within specific market segments, understanding how you will compete successfully for that business, putting together and testing targeted marketing programs, promotions and strategies, and having it all in a marketing strategy that meets your company's budget constraints, can be a daunting task.


A good marketing plan sets up the success of a company's sales, and gives its sales department and people the tools and opportunities to "make it happen".


Customer care

  • Company culture

  • Understanding

  • Policy

  • Training

New business

  • Feasibility study

  • Business plan

  • Financial projections

  • Training

Sales Planning

A Sales Plan is essential for a company to survive. We help you to sell the correct products to the correct markets via the best distribution methods or routes.


All this detail must be recorded in a plan showing all the targets that must be reached and the strategies to get you there.


  • Financial reports

  • Sales Reports

  • Stock reports

  • Customers growth/decline

  • Staff costs


  • Filing

  • Record keeping

  • Invoicing

  • Stock control

  • Buying – stock or supplies



  • Staff handbook

  • Payroll

  • Job descriptions

  • Contracts

  • Engagement

  • Motivation


  • Leadership - How to lead your team to success

  • Management – Learn the skill to make the business work​



Growing a business is a risky business. In fact, there are more risks associated with growing a business than there are with starting a business. 

We will help you with a growth analysis to determine if your company has all the resources in place to grow. These can include;

  • Examine the Idea

  • Examine the Management/staff Capabilities

  • Examine the Technical Capabilities of the organization

  • Examine the Marketing Potential for the product or service

  • Examine the Cost and Financing needs

We then identify the best way to grow your business with minimal risk while remaining profitable. Remember - many people plan to grow, but very few plan growth.